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"Oh Thank God, Finally a Portable, Automatic Coffee Grinder"
- Gizmodo

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LUME is a rechargeable travel burr coffee grinder that yields coffee shop grade grounds. It's also a 150 Lumen bright camp light. We launched it on Kickstarter September 2017 and received tremendous love from all the specialty coffee and outdoor enthusiasts out there.  Check out the fun project video we made for the project on the left! Get one from here.


"The Future Looks Bright for the Lume Portable Grinder"
- Roast Magazine

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At 22 ounces, LUME is the lightest auto-grinder on the market that delivers coffee shop quality grounds wherever you happen to take it. At full charge, LUME will grind enough for up to 50 cups.

Unlike most of the hand grinders, LUME uses a patent-pending design, that applies a stabilized conical ceramic burr to keep everything precise and even.

At 150 lumens, LUME provides plenty of light to read by or light your way to the campfire or get up in the middle of the night get the idea. It provides about 20 hours of illumination on a single charge.

"It’s so crazy it just might work."

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Wait, are the grounds any good?

Nope. It's better than good, it's great. You’ll get the same quality grounds you get from your favorite coffee shop. Check out below our no cuts, no BS consistency test video.

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